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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Sumber Gambar:

1.   Determine the root square from the following quadratic equation!
a.       x2+3x+2=0
b.      x2-5x+6= 0
c.       x2-x-72= 0
d.      x2-32x+240=0
e.      x2-3x-40= 0
f.        x2+2x-143= 0

2.      If  x2+2x+3= 0 has roots square x1 and x2, the value from :
a.       x1+x2
b.      x1.x2

3.      Determine the quadratic equation from the following roots square!
a.       x1=-2 and x2=5
b.      x1=-7 and +x2=-9
c.       x1=1 and x2= -6
d.      x1 dan x2 

4.        If the roots square of x2+2x+3= 0 are x1 and x2 , the new quadratic equation with roots square  x1+4 and x2+4 is ….

5.       Quadratic equation x2+2x+3= 0 has root square  x1 and x2, the new quadratic equation with roots square 5x1 dan 5x2 is ….

6.       The value of a so that the equation 2x2-3x+p+5=0 has one  real root is ….

7.       The length of rectangle is three more than that width. When the area of rectangle is 70 cm2. Determine the length, width, and perimeter from that rectangle

8.       Umur Antok sekarang adalah dua kali umur Budi. Tiga tahun yang akan datang, hasil kali umur mereka adalah 135 tahun. Umur Antok tujuh tahun yang lalu adalah ….

9.       Amount from two number is 9, While the product from two number is 14. The number are....